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The Times Business Case Studies. NIVEA Developing a marketing plan. Introduction to NIVEA. Major brand owned by Beiersdorf Introduced in A global brand with14 product ranges Includes moisturisers, deodorant, suncare NIVEA FOR MEN launched in UK in Case study Nivea Words | 10 Pages _NIVEA:NIVEA STUDY V6 23/6/09 Page 1 Developing a marketing plan Introduction The NIVEA® brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world.

Apr 13,  · In a case study published by The TimesNIVEA revealed that its first marketing planning step was to conduct an evaluation of the business, its brands and products. This included an assessment of the brand’s position and the state of the market. Specific marketing research questions on this and the previous chapters are posed in the video (, the skin care products company.

Laid its brand Proposal and report writing sample resume writing tips case Proposal and report writing sample resume writing tips case study nivea marketing research leads to Case study nivea marketing research leads to consistency in Any successful brand.

nivea case study Uploaded by Nikita Sanghvi Case Study Presentation Source: Best Practice Cases in Branding, Kavin Lane Keller, 3rd Edition,Pearson Nivea is a brand of German company Beirsdorf5/5(1).

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