Kortec and wrenware architecture hardware case analysis

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Hardware architecture

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Hardware Design and System Architecture for Electronic System Design

A pure software product is described with a Software Architecture Design Description. System Planner is the industry’s only hardware architecture design and validation tool that is fully integrated with detailed PCB and wire harness design.


As products become more complex, optimizing the architecture choices are more critical than ever. Hardware architecture is the representation of an engineered (or to be engineered) electronic or electromechanical hardware system, and the process and discipline for effectively implementing the design(s) for such a system.

Metrics for Architecture-Level Lifetime Reliability Analysis Pradeep Ramachandrany, Sarita V. Adve y, Pradip Bosez, and Jude A.

Riversz yDepartment of Computer Science University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign fpramach2, sadve, [email protected] designed hardware architecture should only require a single Top-Level node, however a second Top-Level node may be desired for fail-over in case of hardware malfunction.

Hardware design & system architecture are critical components of electronic system design. Contact Hardent for expert hardware architecture design services.

Kortec and wrenware architecture hardware case analysis
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