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IBM Business Analytics

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MasTec Inc. is an American multinational infrastructure engineering and construction company based in Coral Gables, Florida. The company’s core services are the engineering, building, installing, maintaining and upgrading of infrastructures and it has over 20, employees in North America.

Description. The primary purpose of this paper was to provide an in-depth analysis of the ability of modern analytical platforms (using IBM Watson Analytics as an example) to generate predictive models for stock prices forecasting in comparison with traditional analytical econometric platforms and models.

> Business Rules Analytics In today’s competitive business era, you must be accurate with your decisions and should make them in real-time to make your business a successful one.

Automating your operational decisions assist you in minimizing your manual interventions but to make effective decisions is based on your business data. Definitive guide to prepare for an analytics interview. Kunal Jain, July 7, any book that i can refer for case studies,business cases,guestimates specific to analytics interviews.

Reply. Kunal Jain says: July 8, at am. Sahil, I have interest to pursue my career in Business Analytics. So, I have studied SAS but not.

IBM Business Analytics Case Studies - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online/5(5). Read the extensive history of IBM global business services, case study interviews, and how you can land a position at the prestigious firm.

While IBM does include case studies in the interview process Consulting exit opportunity: Senior Manager, Strategy & Analytics at Live Nation Entertainment; Stay up to date on all things consulting!

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