Florence nightingale theory case study

Florence Nightingale

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Methodology: The current study was a review and it applied Florence Nightingale’s Model of Nursing and the Environment on drug resistant tuberculosis infected patients in Kenyan.

The format of this review was completed by using the authors’ adapted “Advanced Theory in Nursing” coursework materials. Case Study. ABSTRACT. This paper analyze a clinical scenario in light of Nightingale's environmental theory and its three canons (ventilation, bed and bedding and personal cleanliness), and propose hypothesis which can be used to test a nursing intervention based on Nightingale's theory to change the unpleased outcome of this and more like.

Case Report Application of Nightingale Nursing Theory to the Care of Patient with Colostomy Afsha Awalkhan, Dildar Muhammad Institute of Nursing Sciences, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan Florence nightingale was the pioneer nurse theorist and founder of modern nursing.

Environmental Theory

Her theory of. The study allowed us to critically analyze the Environmental Theory of Florence Nightingale, through an attentive and reflective reading of the book "Notes on Nursing - what it is and what it is not".

Keeping all the views into considerations, the above case I experienced is now to be related to the theory of Florence Nightingale. In Nightingales four metaparadigm, Individual is a 3 years old baby who required proper environment. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE’S ENVIRONMENTAL THEORY Clinical Case Study in the care of Patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis PRESENTED BY: IRISH JANNINA T.




Florence nightingale theory case study
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