Doughtie case

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Doughtie et al v. Cenlar FSB

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Doughtie v. Kernan et al

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Doughtie case Paper

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Joseph W. Little, Plaintiff,honorable Karl B. Grube, Honorable Nath C. Doughtie,plaintiffs-appellants, v. Florida Department of State, Jim Smith, Secretary,defendants-appellees, 19 F.3d 4 (11th Cir. ) case opinion from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Summary: Convicted killer Jeffrey Doughtie was executed Aug.

16,for using a metal pipe to fatally beat an elderly couple at their Corpus Christi antiques shop after they refused to give him money to support his $a-day drug habit.

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Doughtie case Paper

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Doughtie case
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