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The 10 most important employment law cases in 2016

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8 Most Significant Employment Law Cases of 2015 Recap

No employment law year would be complete without a case about the calculation of holiday pay. In Lock, the Court of Appeal followed the trend in recent years by accepting that holiday pay must include more than just base pay. The most important employment law cases of have changed the way employment law is practiced.

Get in touch with an expert employment law attorney at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P. A., for more information regarding your case. SOURCES: Employment and Labor Cases to Watch Recent U.

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S. Supreme Court Employment Law Cases.

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Selected Supreme Court Decisions. The Court also rules that a charging party who files a charge that is untimely under state law is nonetheless entitled to Title VII's longer day federal filing period rather than the day period. the Supreme Court rules that the plaintiff in an employment discrimination case is not entitled to.

Most Recent Cases • Seventh Circuit | Reif wowinternetdirectory.comed Living by Hillcrest LLC d/b/a Brillion West Haven, No. C (November 6, ) • Tenth Circuit | Potts.

Top 10 employment law cases of 2013

Now that has come to an end, we are pleased to share our second annual list of the “Top 10” employment law cases that have been decided in the past year. Held: Imposing class arbitration on parties who have not agreed to it violates Federal Arbitration Act () [Not an employment law case.] Decided March 30,

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U S Supreme Court Employment Law Cases - Recent and Pending