Case frumherji

Frumherji Ltd. Reykjavik: The Vehicle Inspection and Emissions-Testing Process HBS Case Analysis

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Frumherji Ltd. Reykjavik: The Vehicle Inspection and Emissions-Testing Process Case Solution

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Olga Maggy Erlends is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Olga Maggy Erlends and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and. Frumherji Ltd. Reykjavik: The Vehicle Inspection and Emissions-Testing Process Case Solution, The Icelandic government outsourced its test and measurement features in and in two companies competed for most of the vehicle emissions testing.

The case study is based on the issues faced by Frumherji Ltd., and the proposed solutions for the company. Introduction Frumheji Ltd. is an Iceland based company which operated in the legal metrology business of inspection and testing.

This webinar presents case studies for several client engagements that involved value stream mapping. For each case, you'll learn: • What the driver was for value stream improvement. Frumherji Case Frumherji is a vehicle inspection company in Iceland.

They lead in inspection, testing, and legal metrology in the country. In order to maintain that lead and continue to grow profitably in the future, they must make some adjustments or address some inefficiency in their process.

Case frumherji
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