Branzburg v hayes case analysis

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Branzburg v. Hayes

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Second, Judge Posner dealt with Branzburg by accepting that the case demonstrated that the interest of the press in maintaining the confidentiality of its sources was not absolute and by acknowledging that the facts of McKevitt were quite different from (i.e., weaker than) the facts of the four Branzburg cases.

STATE SHIELD LAWS: AN OVERVIEW privilege in Branzburg v. Hayes, U.S. ().

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The journalists in the consolidated Branzburg cases argued that the free flow of information would be chilled if they could not ensure the anonymity of sources.1 If a reporter’s privilege does not exist to protect.

Hayes and Meigs, brings before us two judgments of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, both involving petitioner Branzburg, a staff reporter for the Courier-Journal, a.

An analysis of New York's shield law and Colorado's shield law highlights how conflicts could be avoided by more uniform state shield laws across the country. Both New York's shield law and Colorado's shield law pull from the leading U.S.

Supreme Court case in this area, Branzburg v.

10 Most Important U.S. Supreme Court Cases for Journalists

Branzburg v. Hayes: The Background. The case of Branzburg v. Hayes begins when Branzburg, a reporter, wrote a story after observing and interviewing several people using drugs in a two-county area in the state of Kentucky. IV. Analysis of Potential Violations of Federal Criminal Law T Id.

As State Shield Laws Play Tug-of-War, the Dream of a Federal Shield Law Resurfaces

at § 9– (A) & (B); see also Branzburg v. Hayes, U.S.(). Under the Principles, even when a prosecutor believes a provable case has been developed, he or she .

Branzburg v hayes case analysis
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Branzburg v. Hayes | Casebriefs - Part 2