Augustine medical bair hugger case

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Business Studies Augustine Medical Inc.; the Bair&nbspCase Study

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Augustine Medical

Vague from the united bowel 4. Model is no longer made. The Bair Hugger Patient Warming System Augustine Medical, Inc. Company Develop and market products for surgical patients Founded by an anesthesiologist First two products deal with recovery of patients Product Hospitals need a product to warm patients after surgery.

He founded Augustine Medical Inc.

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in through which he marketed the Bair Hugger system after gaining Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval in Dr. Augustine served as CEO, chairman and chief technology officer of Augustine Medical until when he left the company. Augustine Medical Inc.; the Bair Hugger Case Study Augustine Medical Inc., have developed the Bair Hugger patient warming system.

Designed to be used in post operative situations prevent or treat post-operative hyperthermia, the product offers a number of advantages over the existing systems.

Bair Hugger’s main advantage is that it requires less maintenance than competitor products. Investor interest in Augustine Medical provided capitalization of $, This initial investment is believed to cover fixed and overhead costs incurred during the first year of operation%(12).

3M paid about $ million in to acquire Arizant, the Eden Prairie-based maker of the Bair Hugger. The single-use device is used in four out of five U.S.

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Augustine medical bair hugger case
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